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Helpful information regarding your Electronic life- all the computers, smartphones, tablets, home entertainment and internet tools you rely on to be productive and entertained.

By Charlie Hoover  |   Senior e-Life Technologist at Geek Housecalls, Inc.

The Colonial Times is starting a new column this month focused on improving your everyday life via technology; aka your “e-Life.” -Geek Housecalls is ready to help you setup, repair or learn about all the computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, net connected TVs & appliances, software, apps, WiFi and Internet access you rely on to be productive and entertained.

What is e-Life?

e-Life is a term used to describe how all of your technology related devices combine into one personalized ecosystem. More and more companies are releasing devices that work together with other technology devices. For example: Updating your calendar on your phone and having it appear on your computer, or using your iPad to control your entire home automation system.

The promises of e-Life are compelling.

For example: Smoothly running computers, kept up-to-date and virus free, with all key data safely backed up for peace of mind. Changing an appointment or contact on one device automatically updates it across all of your laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. Cutting the cable cord and enjoying inexpensive Internet-based entertainment on the TV in your living room. Lastly, the ability to control appliances in your home, even when you are not there.

The reality of e-Life is often problematic.

These e-Life systems are often on the cutting edge, so keeping them trouble-free is challenging and time consuming. Furthermore, the technology systems rely on multiple vendors who blame each other when something goes wrong. When your smartphone doesn’t sync to your computer, for example, it is so easy for the phone maker to blame the computer manufacturer who can just as easily blame the cloud service provider, etc. You get the idea, especially if you have been stuck in this black hole at some point.

So, how does e-Life apply to me?

We utilize technology in almost every aspect of our daily lives; for personal life, family life, home entertainment, hobbies, interests, sports, education, staying in touch, business, and so on. Your e-Life is the conscious realization that technology should work with you seamlessly and in a beneficial way as you move across your daily roles. Since technology is such an integral part in each aspect of our lives, we need to be certain that we are using it to our best advantage. There may be some untapped resources in your electronic life that once revealed and learned, will be an extraordinary improvement to your daily life.

What is this column going to discuss?

This monthly column is going to be in a Question-and-Answer format. We will pick our favorite questions to answer during each month, based on feedback from our readers. We will cover any topics that will help individuals and families improve their e-Life. For example: questions about the best iPhone, iPad and Android applications for various everyday activities (the best photo-sharing apps or financial management apps); how to cope with a cyber bully; how to increase security on your technology devices, and a lot about cloud computing.

Next Steps:

Ask Geek Housecalls any question about your e-Life: from questions about the best phone applications for everyday tasks, to troubleshooting a slow computer. Ask your e-Life questions here and we’ll choose the most prevalent topics to be addressed in our monthly column. Email your questions to (add “e-Life Column Question” in the subject-line) or via Twitter @GeekHousecalls.


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