Town of Lexington DPW Engineering Division awarded the Prestigious James B. Sorenson National Award for 2020

The DPW Engineering Division has been awarded the prestigious 2020 James B. Sorenson National Award for Excellence in Pavement Preservation. This award recognizes superior preservation practice and is awarded to only one entity per year. A quote from the award site states, “This is a very prestigious National Award and is the ultimate recognition to an agency for their excellence in exhibiting an outstanding program of pavement preservation and pavement management.” Some previous winners include Los Angeles, CA, New Hampshire DOT, California DOT (Caltrans), Nashville, TN, Charleston County, SC, and the Ohio DOT.


This award encompasses the activities of all DPW Divisions and especially the Engineering Division of JohnLivsey, Mike Sprague, Matt Weisman, Wayne Medlin, David Pavlik (now W/S Supt.), Tricia Malatesta, Marissa Liggiero, Meghana Shah, and Ross Morrow. Continued great work on behalf of the citizens of Lexington.


We have a dedicated, professional, and hardworking staff. On each road project, they take into account need, priority, and cost to deliver effective and efficient solutions that extend the useful life of the pavement in Lexington. Under this roadway preservation program, the Town’s Roadway Surface Rating (RSR) has increased from 68 in 2010 to its current rating of 85. This translates to improved pavement surfaces for driving, biking, and walking.


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