Signs of Suport

Driving down Bedford Street in Lexington got even more colorful this spring as encouraging handmade yard signs blossomed throughout the Tewksbury and Shirley Street neighborhood. The idea started with Shirley Street resident, Christie Leitch. Soon into the stay-at-home order, “I would look out the window from my makeshift home office and see a neighbor walk to work at Stop and Shop, our postal carrier, Cecil, our garbage collector, Pedro, and several neighbors on their way to work in hospitals. They just kept on going and I wanted to do something to brighten their day and something fun for my 5-year old son”.  

Soon after, Leitch thought of a yard sign but wasn’t sure where to start. “Then I ran by my friend’s house on East Street whose neighborhood made gorgeous lawn signs and was inspired. I asked her where she got blank yard signs and it was as easy as ordering them from Amazon”.  From there, Leitch asked a group of neighbors if they wanted to do it as a fun idea with their kids ranging from preschool to high school. All of them were an enthusiastic yes!

Quickly, colorful, thoughtful, and inspirational signs popped up and the busy road became a beacon of hope for everyone who passed.

Signs with “Thank You All Essential Workers”, “You Rock”, “Stay Happy, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy”, “After every storm comes a rainbow”….were lining the street. “Then more neighbors wanted a sign,” says Leitch, “it was such a wonderful domino effect”.

Diamond 8th Grader Abby Myerberg made three lawn signs for older neighbors saying, “It was such a good idea, such an easy way to say thank you to everyone who is helping us move through this difficult time”. Our children may be out of the classroom these days but they are certainly still learning. They are learning about compassion, respect, and appreciation all through art.

And these homemade signs of love did not go unnoticed. Notes, texts, and words of thanks came in from those who found encouragement in the small but well-meaning gesture from this close-knit neighborhood. Community has always been a strong part of what makes Lexington great and driving or walking around this Bedford Street neighborhood is a sure sign that it is alive and well.

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