People Need Help. People Are Losing Work. Connects neighbors.

Your local community is one of the best solutions for helping each other in hard times. HelpAroundTown (HAT), an app designed to connect neighbors for small jobs, has launched a special area for getting and receiving help with COVID.

HAT connects helpers to those in need. For example, in the COVID area you can find help with:
•Grocery shopping and errands while quarantined
•Getting your yard cleaned up and ready for spring
•Help moving items while far away
•Babysitting outside while parents work from home


HAT was built during the previous financial crisis for neighbors to safely help each other and build trust, flexibly and affordably. Posting tasks is free and helpers get 100% of payment.

“HelpAroundTown is designed to make people’s lives better. We generate jobs while getting things done. We connect neighbors within a mile of each other and promote people’s needs or availability, while protecting their privacy.” said President Reem Yared today. “We now have a section specifically for finding or offering help with the coronavirus pandemic. Please go to”

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