Traces of the Trade

By Laurie Atwater  | 

CommUNITY programs to address issues of race

Imagine your joy at discovering a family history actually compiled by your grandmother only to have it turn to horror and disgust as you unwind a story that reveals your ancestor to be the most successful slave trader in America.

Now imagine that you are a nice white girl from Bristol, Rhode Island with a highbrow name like DeWolf in your family tree as you begin to grasp that reality. Katrina Browne (a distant cousin of DeWolf) uncovered this ugly family history over fifteen years ago and she was so moved by this unknown history that she was inspired to bring it out from the shadows and has been using her knowledge to educate and inform every since.

DeWolf Family
Above: Family of Ten—at Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, July 2001. (Top, left to right) Dain Perry, Elizabeth Sturges Llerena, Katrina Browne, Jim Perry, Holly Fulton, Ledlie Laughing, Keila DePoorter. (Bottom, left to right) Tom DeWolf, Elly Hale, James Perry. (Photo by Elly Hale)

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