Adopt Your Catch Basin

Keeping catchbasins clear is important for the safety of  motorists and property

Catch basins are stormwater inlets that filter out debris such as leaves, sticks, branches, and litter. They are typically located next to street curbs or in the rear yards of residential areas. It is important to maintain catch basins to prevent stormwater blockages and minimize the number of pollutants entering storm drains.

Stormwater usually discharges directly into streams, wetlands, and conservation areas. Clogged catch basins can also cause water to pond along streets and in yards. This flooding can be a nuisance to motorists and homeowners. Stormwater drainage systems are typically designed to remove water from a developed area as quickly as possible during a storm. Clearing off snow, leaves, pine needles, mud and any other debris on and around the drain grates will allow water to enter the storm system freely.

How can you adopt your catch basin?

Remove debris from grates – the grates of catch basins can become clogged with litter, sticks, branches, leaves, or snow especially in the spring, fall, and winter. Regularly inspect the grate and remove debris will prevent hazardous conditions. Encourage neighbors to adopt the catch basins in front of their homes, and keep them free of debris.
Ensure regular cleaning – catch basins should be cleaned out before the storage area is half full.

Once this level is reached, debris begins to wash into drain lines, streams, wetlands, and conservation areas. Cleaning these storage areas, under the grates and below the street or yard level, should be performed by the Town of Lexington or a private contractor. Having a clean catch basin is of primary importance during the spring, fall, and winter seasons for our community.

We thank you in advance for all your help and continued support. For more information see the Town’s website at: or call DPW at 781-274-8300.

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