Beach Reads~ Pack your beach bag and head for the dunes

By Judy Buswick  | Is your beach bag hungering for books? Are you famished for engaging stories, good reads, and a little romance? Or maybe it’s historical fiction, a vampire tale, or a mystery in an exotic location you want – not necessarily great literature, but page-turners. The suggested titles below come to you thanks to today’s social networks. My reading friends and their book groups … [Read more...]

A Fenway Hit at the New England Quilt Museum

By Judy Buswick  | When you’ve got baseball lovers and art lovers in the family, where can you go for a Leaving Lexington event to satisfy both passions? Try the New England Quilt Museum at 18 Shattuck Street in Lowell, Massachusetts, before the current exhibit ends on July 8th. Here, Red Sox fanatics who are also quilt artists have skillfully combined their passions to create an exhibit … [Read more...]