Drum Roll Please

This summer on a warm Monday evening, don’t be surprised if you see an impromptu parade, complete with a big bass drum, spilling out of the Hancock Church and winding its way through the neighborhood around the Battle Green. It’s most likely the Junior Fife & Drum Corps practicing for their next big event. Made up of students from local schools, the William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps … [Read more...]

So you think you can dance!

By Digney Fignus  | I remember being in high school and first learning how to dance. There was no such thing as instruction; I was just imitating what I’d seen on TV shows and what some of the “cool” kids were doing. And although our dances had names like “The Skate” or “The Swim” it was still pretty much just shakin’ and wigglin’ around in a way that we hoped would impress the girls and drive … [Read more...]