300th Committee Still Seeking Volunteers



More than two dozen hands shot up into the air at Cary Hall on March 26, 2012, the first night of Lexington’s Annual Town Meeting. Sue Rockwell, Chair of the 300th Anniversary Committee, had just asked which Town Meeting Members were already volunteering to help with their town’s anniversary. After noting the many hands raised across the nine town precincts, Ms. Rockwell acknowledged this great start, but stated that more volunteers were needed to ensure the success of the nine-month event celebration.

Town Meeting listened to the 300th Anniversary call for help. First to respond to Ms. Rockwell’s request for volunteers was Loretta Porter, Town Meeting member from Precinct Five. As the newest member of the Central Events Team, she’ll help with outreach and communication to leaders of community groups.

Volunteers with every type of skill and are needed. With the help of special website, www.lexington300.org, residents can easily discover the best way to lend a hand. Each week a new “Help Wanted” listing appears and those who watch the site are able to match their interests and talents with genuine needs. Whether citizens make phone calls, distribute educational materials to schools, write for the town’s website, sew, paint or fundraise, every single person’s contribution is valued.

There are unique volunteer opportunities as well. The 300th Committee recently filled some fun leadership roles to form the Scavenger Hunt Team. The team leaders now include Kristine Arena, Lauren Kennedy, Risa Lavelle and Karin Gehring. Each volunteer brings her own experience with geo-caching and logistical planning to this team. Tanya Morrisett and Jessie Steigerwald, Events Co-Chairs, note that, “We really do have a place for everyone! It’s exciting to have so many creative people stepping forward to collaborate for the fun of the entire town.”

Volunteering for the 300th Anniversary isn’t all work! On April 29th, a special Volunteer Appreciation Event is being held to mark the town’s official 299th Anniversary and to bring these enthusiastic community members together. Special activities are planned for this unique gathering. All volunteers are welcome, even those who have just signed up to help.

How can you get involved in this momentous celebration? It is simple. Please go to the 300th Anniversary website, www.lexington300.org, or email directly to volunteer@lexington300.org. Thank you, Lexington!


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