Our Chance to Dance!

Lexington’s 300th Celebration: Our Chance to Dance!

Can you picture putting on dancing shoes, heading to the high school, hearing music floating down the halls and joining your neighbors in an 18th century dance? Lexington will be able to do just that during the 300th Anniversary celebration starting this September. The 300th Committee is busy planning three community dances, two at LHS and one at Cary Hall. Community members helping on the 300th Anniversary were able to test run this idea during an April 29th “Meet, Greet & Dance,” a volunteer appreciation evening. At this event, Lexingtonians danced to the music of Eric Eid-Reiner’s band as Andy Taylor-Blenis called and taught 21st century people an array of 18th century dances. Delighted with the results, the Committee is enthusiastically letting people know that everyone will have a turn during the 300th Anniversary. Save the following dates for your 2012-2013 calendar – it’s your turn to dance!

Meet & Greet Dance

Dance Revolution 300

Dance Revolution 300 is first in the dance line-up and will take place Saturday, September 22, 2012. Look forward to live music, an amazing DJ, and dance instruction. Starting at 6:30 p.m. at Lexington High School, Lexington residents of all ages are invited to dance the night away. The first part of the evening will feature dance instructors leading New England style folk dances familiar to our colonial era ancestors, as well as the waltz and swing dancing of the 19th and 20th centuries. Kathleen Lenihan, co-chair of the event, anticipates a big crowd. “This is such a wonderful opportunity for all of Lexington to come together to celebrate our tercentennial. With dances from the earliest part of our history through today, there is something for everyone.” At 8:00 pm the DJ will take over, and will play a variety of music – everything from Elvis and the Beatles to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. In addition to dancing, LexFun will have a craft table with activities just right for preschoolers. There will be a refreshment area with a variety of food and beverages for hungry dancers staffed with volunteers from our PTAs and LexFUN. “The great thing about this dance is that you don’t have to be a ‘pro’ to participate. The instructor-led dances are easy and there’s nothing like dancing to live music. And if you can’t make it until the later part of the evening, everyone can dance to DJ-led tunes,” says Kamala Soparkar, co-chair of the event. Dance Revolution 300 will be a night to remember.

300th Anniversary Ball

Joyce Murphy, Chair of the Gala Ball, is excited to confirm Cary Hall as the venue for Saturday November 17, 2012. This is a new date and was changed to secure historic Cary Hall for the special occasion. In addition to being a fun and very festive evening, the Ball will also be an important fundraiser, helping raise money to keep other 300th events affordable. Everyone is looking forward to developing the details for this special night. Some people are already talking about what they want to wear! Contact Joyce Murphy to get involved with the planning.

Dance Around the World

Co-Chairs Melanie Lin and Geetha Padaki are already lining up participatory multi-cultural dances for their March 16, 2013 event. Invitations have been sent to various groups in town who can lend a hand with instruction. Our town can look forward to learning about the cultural dances that Lexington families treasure. The aim for the dance will be to have all participants up and learning new steps on the dance floor.

As we reach Lexington’s 300th Anniversary of Incorporation, it truly is our chance to dance!

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