Make a New Year’s Resolution

By Chief Mark J. Corr,
Lexington Police Department

“Off the Blotter” is an opportunity to share what is happening here in Lexington and in your neighborhood. New Year’s Day is always a good time to make a resolution to change a habit or do something different. Please consider adding one or more of the following to your list of resolutions:

#1 – I will lock my car doors. In 2011, Lexington had 131 cars entered unlawfully with approximately 90% of these vehicles unlocked. The reported loss of property in 2011 from cars was nearly $10,000. Locked doors discourage thieves.

#1A – I will not leave valuables in my car. Do not tempt a thief by leaving in plain view a laptop, briefcase, purse or other electronic devices.

#2 – I will not drive a car while impaired. Alcohol, unlawful and prescription drugs can significantly impair your ability to drive safely. Drive sober, save a life.

#3 – I will put my phone down. Motorists and pedestrians, while preoccupied with mobile phones or texting, endanger themselves and others. Massachusetts law prohibits texting while driving. Although not prohibited by law, cell phone use is a distraction. If you must make a call, pull to the side of the road and do so safely.

#4 – I will buy a shredder and use it often. Pre-approved credit card applications, old receipts and tax records should be destroyed. Credit card fraud and ID theft is more likely to happen if you don’t protect your private information.

#5 –I will learn to use the internet safely. The internet is a terrific asset to many who use it for on-line banking, shopping and entertainment. Unfortunately, the internet is used by hackers and those who specialize in scams. There is no Doctor Ngunu seeking to transfer $5 million USD to a bank near you.

#6 – I will take time to be patient. Each day, police officers respond to crash scenes, customer disputes and family disturbances. These are often avoidable if one or more individuals were a little more patient, yielded the right of way, or took a moment to avoid saying something inflammatory.

#7 – I will use my seat belt and I will always use a car seat for small children and infants. Let 2012 bring good luck, good cheer and good health to our community.

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