Garrison Keillor

He’s one of our favorites…Weekends are never complete without a trip to Lake Wobegone, a visit with Guy Noir or an ad about Powdermilk Biscuits! He has drawn us to the land of Lutherans with his wit and wisdom.

We are pleased and excited about adding America’s favorite story teller, Garrison Keillor, to our monthly line-up. We have been fans of Garrison Keillor for years and tune in every week to his National Public Radio (NPR) program, A Prairie Home Companion. His witty and down-home perspective on life is both comforting and inspiring. He’s serious, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. In these challenging times, Keillor’s lighted-hearted approach to ‘life’s persistent questions’, offers a respite from the stress of our daily routines.

We are delighted that Garrison Keillor will be joining his public radio contemporaries, Tom and Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk, here at Lexington’s Colonial Times Magazine.