Parenting Matters

Parenting Matters: The Importance of Feelings…Really

By Danielle DeTora, Psy.D. “How does that make you feel?”  This is the quintessential therapist’s line that is often mocked in movies, television, books, and everyday life.  It’s unfortunate that feelings get such a bad rap because they are more important than people realize.  In fact, I believe that learning to understand and appropriately express one’s emotions is the single most important … [Read more...]

Winning the Worry Wars

By Stephanie M. Kriesberg, Psy.D. , Licensed Psychologist Recently I was driving to work and realized I forgot my iPad. Since I had some extra time, I decided to turn around, go home, and get it.   On the return trip, I saw the line of traffic that had backed up. Construction!    An accident!  “Don’t do it!”  said a worried voice in my head. “If you keep going, you will get stuck in that snarl … [Read more...]

“Parenting Is Not Art”

By Kimberly Hackett, LMHC Parenting is not art. It’s not a roster of must learn skills. It’s not something to conquer or something you can completely ignore. It’s not a vocation or way of life, a movement, mission or religion. You don’t need training or schooling or even the best possible childhood to “parent.” And when it happens, there is no turning back but there is turning away and turning … [Read more...]

Relationship Parenting – A 21st Century Requirement

By Kimberly Hackett, LMHC “She doesn’t need me. She tells me a thousand ways everyday.” Don’t believe it. She does need you. Now more than ever. The parent/child connection is our most precious and enduring relationship. Like Yin and Yang, the sun and moon, Laurel and Hardy, one cannot exist without the other. We belong together. We balance one another. When it works, it feeds our … [Read more...]

Getting Your Partner to (Really) Listen

Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC Do you wish you could tell your partner what you are feeling more easily? Are you looking for a way to have a productive conversation without playing the blame and shame game? Do your “discussions” sometimes last into the wee hours of the night leaving you exhausted the next day? When you have something important to share with your sweetie, you will need these 4 simple … [Read more...]

Complex Sibling Relationships

If sibling rivalry is an issue that affects your household, you may understand how stressful it can be for everyone in the house to bear. You may be at a loss to know how to stop the fighting, or question whether they shouldn’t just, “work things out.” Let’s first take a look at the basis for sibling rivalry. Tension between siblings can run in a few different forms. One form that is most … [Read more...]

Anger Outbursts: Common Myths About Anger Management and Thought Based Interventions that Actually Work

Dr. David Perna If you are a parent who is struggling with your child’s anger outbursts stop blaming yourself. Instead, join the crowd. I work with a multitude of educators and mental health professionals who are equally stymied by kids who display anger outbursts. And they are professionals. They typically use outdated solutions that do not work like, “I just have them hit a pillow,” or “I … [Read more...]

Pop Quiz: Which Mouse has ADHD?

By Henry David Abraham MD If you harbored any doubt that ADHD is real, take a look at the time-lapsed photo below. It comes from Duke University where they are trying to define ADHD on a molecular level. The mouse in the left test-tube is normal. The one in the middle is missing a certain gene. The one in the right tube is missing a pair of those genes. The blurred image tells the story. … [Read more...]

The Lexington Asian Mental Health Initiative Invites You to a Community Forum

Balancing Stress and Success - An Asian American Perspective By Laurie Atwater The demographics in Lexington are changing. Our Asian population is increasing and it is especially notable that 30 percent of school aged children are of Asian descent (Chinese, Indian and Korean). The pressures facing all students in affluent communities: pressure to create a “resume” of impressive extracurricular … [Read more...]

Energy Drinks

By Henry David Abraham, M.D. The story goes that coffee was discovered when a shepherd noticed his sheep dancing after they ate beans growing on a hillside. Humans have been using that bean ever since for alertness, inspiration, and energy. Caffeine is the world’s most popular drug. The US is the world’s greatest importer of coffee- nine pounds a year for each one of us. At birth caffeine is … [Read more...]