Drum Roll Please

This summer on a warm Monday evening, don’t be surprised if you see an impromptu parade, complete with a big bass drum, spilling out of the Hancock Church and winding its way through the neighborhood around the Battle Green. It’s most likely the Junior Fife & Drum Corps practicing for their next big event. Made up of students from local schools, the William Diamond Junior Fife & Drum Corps … [Read more...]

Fife and Drum Corps Hosts Annual Tattoo and Muster

April showers bring May flowers and the Revolutionary Revelry May Day celebration saw some of each. Rains delayed the event, but couldn’t dampen spirits. Revelers planted May Day baskets, made paper flowers and enjoyed a traditional May Pole. En Pleine Aire enjoyed fine weather Saturday as artists and visitors met along the bike path. Artists drew inspiration from local architecture, nature and … [Read more...]

The 10th Regiment of Foot

By Heather Aveson  | Getting ready for Battle - Behind the Scenes with the reenactors as they prepare for Patriot’s Day Uniforms have always served two purposes. They identify an individual as part of a group, but their cut, style, color and ornamentation can also act like a peacock’s feathers to draw attention and intimidate an opponent. According to the National Park Service, the British … [Read more...]

Notorious swindler Charles Ponzi once called Lexington his home

By Jim Shaw  |  The ghost of Charles Ponzi is alive and well and thrives in the greed of modern day swindlers like Brad Bleidt and Bernard Madoff. And, for at least one Lexington resident who fell victim to Madoff’s $50 billion swindle, this is not an amusing story or a whimsical account of an interesting fellow who happened to live in Lexington. For this 85 year-old victim whom we have chosen not … [Read more...]