Tips for Downsizing

Advice from Amy Roberts at Out of the Box Moves Thinking about moving out of your home and downsizing to a smaller home?  Out of the Box Moves is a company that specializes in moving and downsizing and has a few tips that will make this process flow smoother. The first step you will have to make is to decide what you want to take with you and what to do with the rest of your stuff! The best … [Read more...]

What About the Natural Gas Pipeline in Massachusetts?

By Mark Sandeen Q: I understand we are considering building a new natural gas pipeline in Massachusetts. Is building a new pipeline critical to our energy future? A: A lot of folks thought so last year. We saw some natural gas price spikes when demand jumped during a couple of cold snaps. The utilities predicted more of the same this winter, but a funny thing happened. Even though … [Read more...]

Record Setting Snowfall!

By Mark Sandeen Q: Is anyone else wondering what the heck is going on with our weather this winter? Was our record setting snowfall related to climate change? A: If you suspected that we have been smashing records this winter, you would be right. As I write this, we are less than 2 inches away from setting the all time annual snowfall record in Boston. We had the snowiest January in history, and … [Read more...]

All Things Sustainable

            By Mark Sandeen Question Over 400,000 people marched in New York City demanding action on climate change. What is next? Answer An amazingly diverse group of people walked in the People’s Climate March in New York City because we are just beginning to realize as a society how urgent it is that we take rapid action to … [Read more...]

Tree Talk with Matt Foti

Matt Foti Fall Maintenance Reminder   We experienced severe winter kill on evergreens last winter primarily because plants went into the winter followed by drought conditions late last summer and into the fall. Evergreens need lots of water at the end of the summer and through the fall to make it through the winter because they never go completely dormant. When sunlight is cast on the foliage … [Read more...]

The Danger of Ticks In Your Landscape

By Matt Foti After recently completing a three-week regiment of Doxycycline antibiotic for Lyme Disease (for the second time) I feel obligated to inform my customers of this current epidemic and let you know how we can help. Two of my employees have been treated for Lyme Disease in the past six weeks and several others have received treatment over the past three or four years and we are coming … [Read more...]

A Personal Connection~Learning About Life Through Little League

By Hank Manz Even with some of the fields still brown and even with the nights still cold, it is now a very important time of year. Spring? Well, sure, but more important than that. I am speaking of something that surpasses everything else because it is time to start playing baseball. I don’t mean just watching baseball. Sure, that can be important, too, but not as important as actually … [Read more...]

Putting Sports in Perspective

I woke up the morning after the Super Bowl realizing I had to deal with a real crisis. The new, probably large, house going up in my neighborhood which I wrote about earlier? No, I was just a bit saddened when more than 60 years of history disappeared in under 45 minutes, leaving only an empty lot where once a house had stood, but I had written about the inevitability of change and here it was … [Read more...]

e-Life Advisor: Choosing a Tablet

  Helpful information regarding your Electronic life- all the computers, smartphones, tablets, home entertainment and internet tools you rely on to be productive and entertained. Stephen from Lexington asks, “I’m thinking of getting a small tablet of some kind but I don’t know which one to get. My wife loves her iPad but I’m not sure I need one that big or that expensive. I really just want … [Read more...]

e-life Advisor~Back to School

Helpful information regarding your Electronic life- all the computers, smartphones, tablets, home entertainment and internet tools you rely on to be productive and entertained. mer is rapidly coming to an end and that means it’s time for families to turn their attention towards preparing for school. Every year, back-to-school preparation seems to become an increasingly more complicated process … [Read more...]