METCO Scholarship Fund Of Lexington Charts Exciting New Course

With support from the Indian Americans of Lexington, Merck & Shire Entering its 45th Anniversary Year the METCO (METropolitan COuncil for Educational Opportunity) College Scholarship Fund of Lexington (MCSFL) is proud to announce generous support from several community-based organizations. The MCSFL awards scholarships to Lexington High School graduates who are enrolled in METCO, a … [Read more...]

PARENTING MATTERS: Launching Creative Kids

Shawn M. McGivern, LMHC   “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at, last, you create what you will” -George Bernard Shaw With more than 100 theories of creativity in disciplines ranging from neuroscience to psychology, economics, and philosophy, it can be dizzying to land on the best way to invoke, evoke and sustain our … [Read more...]

Lexx Restaurant Continues to Evolve

By Jim Shaw As a community, Lexington continues to evolve on many fronts.  From real estate development and our public schools, to local government and commerce, the complexion of Lexington is changing.  There has been a great deal of discussion lately about the business mix in Lexington Center.  One of the most significant changes over the past ten or so years has been the increase in up-scale … [Read more...]

Lexington Remembers

LOCAL CABLE SHOW CHRONICLES THE HISTORY OF LEXINGTON FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS By Digney Fignus “Know what’s under your feet.”  It’s the familiar mantra of Mary Gillespie, the driving force and Chair of the Committee for the long-running Lexington Remembers television series.  One of the staples of LexMedia’s local programming, the show documents an oral history of the Lexington community.  … [Read more...]

The Fund for Lexington Seeks Donations

Twenty years ago, then Selectmen Dan Fenn, proposed that a Fund be established in Lexington to act a a resource for the Human Services Department to help individuals and families experiencing temporary hardship. It is called The Fund for Lexington. In the next week, Lexington residents will receive a letter from Fund for Lexington chair and Lexington Selectman Norman Cohen asking for donations … [Read more...]

Lexington’s Walking Man

    The Pied Piper of ACROSS Lexington A year after Rick left us, ACROSS Lexington, the work of his final months, is being rededicated in his memory. This is a tribute to Rick and his indefatigable devotion to this project and his special talent for creating connections, leading and inspiring with quiet, grace, determination and humor.   By Laurie … [Read more...]

In Full Bloom

By Jane Whitehead The garden is the result of an innovative collaboration among various Town departments: LPS, the Department of Public Facilities (DPF) and the Department of Public Works (DPW), with expert input from Lexington Community Farm (LexFarm), and LPS food service providers, Whitsons.   “Look at the size of the pumpkins – I’ve never seen them this early!” said Don … [Read more...]

LHS Poetry Book Helps Students Show Academic Merit and Share Their Own Unique Voices

The Student Publishing Program has announced that its fourth poetry book, The Common Understanding: Poems from Lexington High School’s Class of 2017, has already received submissions from over 450 sophomores. “It’s the most ever in over a decade of working with LHS,” says program cofounder and LHS Grad Anthony Tedesco, adding that “print publication is a great motivator for students, but none of … [Read more...]

A new exhibit at the Depot Building showcases Lexington’s pivotal role in this international architecture and design movement

    Can architecture make the world a better place? In the years after World War II, a diverse group of bold young architects sought an answer to that question in Lexington. They came to the sleepy Boston suburb with a dream of revolutionizing home architecture and design, and embracing mid-century modernism to achieve a utopian ideal. What they accomplished here has been … [Read more...]

Drought Stressed Trees and Plants

I can’t help but starting with concerns about recent weather patterns and most important...... Water, or lack of adequate rainfall. The heavy rains we had in the beginning of June were certainly welcome but few realize that even though we had 4 to 5 inches of rainfall in a short period, that was still too little too late. We had more rain in the first week of June than we had in April and May … [Read more...]